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Returns & Refunds

In the event that your item arrived damaged, subject to acceptance by Slimtum and satisfaction of the below conditions (1 - 4), Slimtum may offer a replacement and refund of original shipping fees only. 

In the unlikely case of defective items, subject to acceptance by Slimtum and satisfaction of the below conditions (1 - 4), Slimtum may provide the customer, at Slimtum’s discretion, with either a replacement and refund of original shipping fees only, or a refund of the purchase price and shipping only.

Please note; we can not exchange/refund any consumable products.

  1. Slimtum must be notified of the return using the contact form and must agree to the return before shipment.

  2. Damaged or Defective items must be shipped to Slimtum by the customer within 7 days of receiving. A returns form must be printed, filled out and included with the return shipment.

  3. A notification must also be sent to Slimtum using the contact form within 7 days of receiving the order including the original order number, information regarding the damage/defect and the tracking details of the return shipment.

  4. Replacements and refunds are subject to a final inspection of the goods by Slimtum to determine the nature of the damage or defect.

Slimtum will process the return and notify the customer, subject to the above conditions being met, of acceptance within 5 working days (AEST, Victoria, Australia) of receiving delivery.

Dispatch and delivery of replacements will be made following processing according to our delivery policy.

Shipping of replacements to the customer will be via the same method the customer selected in the original order.

Following approval and processing, and subject to the customer’s financial institution, refunds may take up to 10 working days to be returned to the customer.

Slimtum will not be liable for lost, damaged or incorrectly addressed returns made by the customer.

Please Note: Slimtum will not process a return or a refund for the reason of Change of Mind, or any similar reasons including the item being sold for a lower price anywhere at any time.



30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*

To redeem our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee simply follow the below instructions: 

  1. Prior to using your waist trainer, take a clear photo of your waist from front on in a mirror. Hold the camera at chest height about 20cm in front of you.
  2. Wear your waist trainer daily as instructed.
  3. Take a clear photo after 30 days use of product (allowing a minimum of 30 days for results).
  4. Email with both along with a completed return form.

We will review your claim.

  1. Once we have validated your claim, send back your product and return form according to the instructions on the form.

Refunds will be arranged after receiving returned items in our warehouse. We allow 45 days from the date of order to redeem our 30 Day Guarantee.

*Not redeemable on our PRO Waist Trainer